Sundara Yoga School Norina Merkabah yoga for every body

Yoga is awareness. Awareness of the body, the breath, of life itself. By observing myself, I get to choose. I get to evolve. I get to be who I am. Yoga is a life long path, and you are invited to join in, wherever you are at. Now is the time to take a step. Sundara Yoga School is here to help.


Sundara (सुन्दर) is a Sanskrit term meaning  beautiful, lovelynoble, right.

Norina Merkabah made it Sundara Yoga School’s mission to teach Yoga For Every Body. She has been involved on Yoga Teacher Training courses since 2019, completed over 600 hours of training herself and has a diploma in Dance Movement Therapy. Norina lives Yoga as a holistic lifestyle and draws on the traditional wisdom from the Bihar School of Yoga, India.

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