yin yoga

Yin Yoga changed my approach in life and my personal yoga practice. I trained with Nikolas Robson (Yin Culture) who is famous for his Yin journeys lasting anything from two to six hours. Yin Yoga gives us what no other form of exercise or yoga does: a remodelling of the connective tissue, the fascia. We do that by supporting the body and by staying in each pose for several minutes. By removing tension from the physical body, stress and mental tension is equally released. A Yin Yoga practice leaves you feeling more spacious, rejuvenated and more in touch with yourself. Think of it as a moving meditation!

My Yin Yoga classes incorporate different sound elements. They help you relax and surrender.

You can join my Sunday morning class in Golden Bay. Best to book in advance. Equipment is provided, you might want to bring your own mat. Parking available (follow the sign). 85 Tukurua road, The Heart of Golden Bay yoga studio.

What Students Are Saying

“Norina brought such a sense of grounding and calm to me through her classes. ”

Student in 2021

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