Strength & vitality

Sun salutations

The sun salutation is a sequence of 12 movements. Vitalise yourself.

This session is for healthy people who have done Yoga before. It is an intermediate practice. The class combines each of the 12 movements with the breath and includes a short relaxation at the end. Practice on a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. If you have an injury, had a recent surgery or have a health condition, do not practice. Have a personal check in with the teacher first.


Sun salutations are strengthening for the whole body. The 12 movements require you to be fit and healthy.


You will breathe deeply and fully. The sun salutations create heat in the body and energise you for the rest of the day.


The sequence balances the front and back body, the right and left side and both hemispheres of the brain. It contributes to mental clarity and hormonal balance.

“Norina’s classes are perfectly structured. She gives great instructions and energy guidance.”

Student Hatha Yoga

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