Targeting stress where it happens.


There is a current mental health crisis. Stress compromises people’s wellbeing in various forms and causes different health issues. Yoga teaches practical tools to regulate the nervous system and target stress at the core. Yoga Nidra is a guided technique for stress release that is accessible to everybody. It is the number one technique to target stress effectively and has multiple direct health benefits. 


I designed a stress release capsule that is tailored to the office environment. The Yoga Nidra technique takes 30 minutes and does not involve movement. It is accessible to everybody, regardless of their fitness level. The capsule is offered twice a week online, for employees to join from  their phone or computer, using headphones. We keep things simple.

30 minutes online sessions meet employees where they are at.

The stress release capsule is offered twice a week before lunch time. It enhances digestion and leaves participants refreshed and with new ability to focus. Sessions are online and can be joined from behind the desk or from a conference room. Participants are encouraged to lie down on the floor for the relaxation to get the best results and release maximum muscle tension. A blanket or yoga mat can be used for that purpose.

Free trial month

I collaborate with a few hand-picked organisations who care for the wellbeing of their employees and are ready to make an investment. I offer a trial month to selected companies: two weekly sessions over 4 weeks are free for their employees to join. They can join all of the sessions or just a few.

At the end of the 4 weeks trial period, employees decide individually whether they want to subscribe to the membership. A minimum of 20 employees is required to continue the sessions. The company covers their membership fee.


The membership is personalised to the company I am working with. The package runs over 8 weeks and can then be extended for another 8 weeks. The membership includes 2 weekly stress release capsules specifically for your employees. I also provide exclusive content such as fortnightly wellbeing specials, Q&A sessions with the facilitator and access to a members group. 

The organisation agrees to cover the costs for their employees’ subscription to the membership. It is an investment into their wellbeing, is team building, motivating and pays back in multiple ways!

Norina stands out by being attuned to her students’ process, by guiding by example, by being gentle yet clear in her teaching and standards. Norina lives her Yoga with integrity and authenticity. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

— Sannyasi Pragyadhara, Senior Lead Trainer Kawai Purapura Yoga School, Director of Pure Yoga

I found Norina to be a person of great integrity and her values and approach were a very good fit with the lived experience principles guiding the Whakatau Mai online wellbeing programme. She communicated clearly, was reliable, and responsive to group participants’ needs with her trademark calm, warm demeanour.

— Fiona Clapham Howard, Mental health peer support advisor, trainer, supervisor

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