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There is a current mental health crisis. Stress compromises people’s wellbeing in various forms and causes different health issues. Yoga influences the nervous system directly and is therefore the number one to target stress!

I designed a 30 minutes stress release session for the office; to target stress where it happens. The session is accessible For Every Body and does not include physical movement. The weekly sessions are shared online and can be joined from behind the desk. I keep things simple.

This offering is tailored to handpicked offices who want to actively invest in the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Get in touch to discuss the needs of your employees!


Research proves that Yoga Nidra has a direct positive impact on any stress related conditions such as high blood pressure, inflammation, chronic fatigue, insomnia. It also benefits anxiety and (c)PTSD. Other direct effects of the technique are enhanced digestion and a sense of relief and rejuvenation. 25 minutes of Yoga Nidra are equivalent to 2-3 hours of deep sleep, due to the change in brainwaves created by the technique.


Yoga Nidra is a systematical stress release technique that targets the physical body, the breath, emotions and the mind. This combination makes it most effective and unique in its approach. “Yoga Nidra” means “conscious sleep”; the state between wakefulness and sleep is re-created on purpose to achieve maximal rejuvenation. 

The technique consists of specific stages and works with different visualisations, breath awareness and points of awareness within the physical body. The relaxation response is activated and brainwaves shift from a highly stimulated to a passive and receptive, dream-like and blissful state.

I am part of The Yoga Nidra Network, a platform with more information and research results.

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