hatha yoga

Enhance your wellbeing with gentle movements.

Hatha Yoga takes care of the joints, enhances the digestive system, strengthens the body and balances the mind.

We keep things gentle and work with the awareness of the breath.

Movements for the joints, releasing tension

Hatha Yoga takes great care of the joints. Mindful movements release tension and enhance circulation.

Enhancing digestion, strengthening the body

Developing core strength doesn’t have to be sweaty. We use the breath with each movement which helps to enhance the digestion.

Supporting hormonal and mental balance

Hatha Yoga brings balance to the hormonal system and creates a sense of calm in the body and mind.

What Students Are Saying

“Norina’s classes are perfectly structured. She gives great instructions and energy guidance.”

Student in 2020

I teach weekly Hatha Yoga classes in Golden Bay. These classes are beginner friendly and open to intermediate practitioners.

Classes are 75 minutes and incorporate Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing) and relaxation. Please let me know you are coming. Equipment provided, bring your own mat if possible. Parking available (follow the sign).

85 Tukurua road, The Heart of Golden Bay yoga studio

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