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Mantra in yoga practice

Mantra in Sanskrit means literally to “free the mind”, and it is what describes my experience with these ancient words best! Chanting a mantra is very meditative through the repetition, the rhythm, the melody. It moves energy within us through the vibrations of the sounds created. It opens the throat and helps us to express…

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Connecting to traditional yoga

My yogic journey started with meeting my first teacher. One of her classes was enough to re-connect me with something deep inside of me that I couldn’t put into words. There was a clarity and a depth in the simple practices she taught that I had not experienced before. I had gone to other yoga…

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3 lifestyle habits for wellbeing

Breaking out of a downward spiral takes conscious decision making and discipline. Yet, once you target the right spot it becomes surprisingly easy. Our nervous system undergoes a lot of stress on a daily basis in today’s society; social media, instant responding to messages on our phones, advertising through various channels, noise in the city…

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The depth of Yoga Nidra

In my opinion, Yoga Nidra is one of the biggest gifts to the modern world. It is a systematical approach that relaxes the entire being. In a fast paced society, the need for effective relaxation is huge. Yoga Nidra can be done anywhere, anytime. The same practice never leads to the same experience.

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I am a registered and certified Yoga Teacher with over 600 hours of training and a 2 year diploma in Dance Movement Therapy. I founded Sundara Yoga School to support people in taking care of their mental health and wellbeing. I am passionate about creating tailored Yoga experiences. Under the guidance of a skilled teacher, Yoga is accessible to every body!

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